doesn't load

I goto and it doesn’t load. Other websites like do load.

I’m using Brave Browser Beta

Delete the cookies where the padlock configuration is :lock: and reload the page. and if it doesn’t work disable the extensions there must be some extension must be interrupting the page

What do you see when you mention it doesn’t load? For example, is it a plain white screen? Does it show an error of some sort? Or what?

Which version of Mac are you using?

Can you confirm which version of Brave Beta you’re using? Look in About Brave to get the version number.

Also, will ask:

  • Does it load if you try in a Private Window`?

  • Do you have any extensions installed?

  • Have you tried clearing cookies?

  • Do you have Brave Release or Nightly installed, or only Beta? (if have others, does it replicate on them or only on Beta?)

  • If you open Dev Tools, do you see any errors in Console?

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