Gmail Page Won't Load

The gmail page won’t load. Now I remember why I abandoned Brave in December 2018. Did Brave ever fix this issue? Danke schoen.

@TheSoulRider Thanks for reporting. Could you elaborate a bit on the issue. Gamil page opens without any issues in current release build as well as in other channels. What issue are you seeing exactly?


Gmail page won’t always load unless, 1.) I select a different Brave browser page to load, and then 2.) return to the Gmail page. Screen video of the Brave browser is with this post. Watch both the page and my cursor:

Thanks for reaching out!
Pretty interesting issue – could be performance based or a caching error of some kind.
Has this always happened with Gmail?

Here’s what I would try:

  1. In Brave, go to Settings --> Advanced --> Privacy & Security --> Content Settings --> Cookies --> See all cookies/Site data
  2. Search for “gmail” here and remove any results that appear
  3. Visit and authenticate

Let me know if this resolves your issue.

An interesting idea is that. No searches of the ‘gmail’ string appeared in the Site Data. But I did notice ‘’, so I nuked that and then loaded the page. I was already signed into Google. I’ll get back to you later and let you know if this solved the issue. Thank you.

1 Like is accurate – thats my bad.
Yes, please let me know if the issue is resolved.

Problem remains unsolved. Switching away from Brave to another browser like Firefox. Bye.

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Thank you for your patience and diligence!
I’m going to mark this as solved for now – please ping me if the issue presents again and I’ll happily reopen the topic and continue troubleshooting.

Thank you for re-opening the topic. This problem remains unsolved. I’m open to Brave’s suggestions about what will actually solve it. Deleting from Brave the website data for did not succeed.

Clear all cache and cookie and see if that works

Dgenies. No, thank you. In the many professional years I’ve had as both a mixed-OS LAN architect/administrator and power user, I’ve very seldom seen that strategy work successfully. Especially and including a new software installation as was Brave on the box in question. Most often the clearing of a browser cache just wastes everyone’s time.

At the same time I don’t see this as my problem to solve. I’m not expert on everything and don’t aspire to be. But there is something fundamentally wacky about the way Brave is treating the Gmail web portal. So unless Brave solves it there are four other mainstream browsers which well for me. Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Edge.

As of this writing I’ll wager Brave’s founders (Eich or Bondy), or any one of Brave’s enginnering team a capuccino, or a Red Bull, or a kombucha, or whatever they drink, that Brave won’t solve this either quickly or easily. If I lose that bet, I’ll be much happier than if I win :wink:

There’s the gauntlet, Brave. You got the 'nads to accept? :wink:

Watched the video and I am really puzzled. I use brave on about 4 devices. 2 laptops and 2 mobile units and that problem has never occurred so I really find it puzzling. I will test it out the exact way you did your and send my outcome


To be fair to @Dgenies, we’ve had several caching issues (especially lately) that present in different ways – this is classic signs of this. We can actually test this in anther, easier way.

Can you try logging into Gmail while using a Private window? You’ll have to sign in obviously since your saved password/sign-in data isn’t carried into Private browsing sessions, but login manually and browse as you normally would for a moment. Then, attempt to recreate the behavior shown in the video you sent above.

What happens? Additionally – any console output that displays in Developer Tools would be useful (let me know if you’re unsure how to view this information).

To make it neutral I will install a new brave on a new laptop and try out the exact process.

Thanks for your eventual attention, Mattches. I run companies. When people or their companies they have disingenuous behaviors, and don’t front what’s actually going on, I prefer to have nothing to do with them. If this support thread gets updated, I’ll receive an e-mail update and have a look at what’s happening or not happening.

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Did you try what I suggested in my last reply?

Thank you for your reply. I’m unwilling to debug any company’s software for them. I am willing to pay them for properly-made, smoothly-working software.

Have a lovely day :slight_smile: