Gmail Interface Won't Load

Brave won’t load the Gmail browser interface. This is same reason why I recently abandoned my use of the Google Chrome browser. My new testing of Brave has thus completed, and I won’t be using it although I liked the idea of Brave and had seen it mentioned in an AngelList newsletter.

And about clearing browser caches as a leading idea to make the browser work? I have found the efficacy of that approach to be strictly mythical. It has almost never been helpful to me to clear a browser cache. Although in the sporadic instances I’ve had where a page wouldn’t load, many first- or second-level techs suggest it. But emptying the cache also destroys personal data I’d prefer to keep. That takes my time I’d prefer to invest a different way.

If Brave would like me back, it would need to send me an e-mail to my user account through which I posted this. I’m willing to pay for a great browser which consistently shows it truly has my interests at heart, rather than a browser which sells my browsing data or has platform or channel advertisements. Thank you for your time.

Yes, I think that can help. When I had problems on, I was able to solve certain display problems.

I have to admit, I just can’t use Brave (wrong detection of my antivirus program Kaspersky), but as far as I remember, working with Gmail.

Did you install extensions?

It is also important to know which Brave version you are using. For example, v0.25 is no longer supported, and this is more likely to cause problems than the Chromium-based version.

Whatever version I loaded was the latest one Brave had available at the time. The problem in loading the Gmail site in both Brave and Chrome has been tracked to the Disconnect extension. Maybe I’ll just use Opera instead.

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