Getting Pay 0.132 instead of 18.73

Dear Uphold ,
This looks really pathetic when it comes to pay and I am facing this thing for 2 months now. Last Month I was suppose to receive 12.xx but my payout notified me only 0.13xx and like wise this month its 18.73 and I am receiving 0.132.

Not at all satisfied with the way we users are getting robbed.


I suggest you following this thread and their suggestion to send the logs

Man I already have an updated version of brave so this solution solves nothing.


Yeah man… it’s frustrating every month :rage:

Yeah My revenue 12,2560 now but paid after 7 days 0,05 Bat damn

1.40.109 Chromium: 103.0.5060.66 (Resmi Derleme) (64 bit) SĂĽrĂĽmĂĽ

brave is scam from now on. first few months they gave hope of earning bat token but now everything u earn is going to dustbin. fed up of brave for good now. My whole family and relatives are using brave as their default browser , but now its not good , comes with bugs and doesn’t pay rewards who are hoping it for. Brave is a waste now. Google has ads but they dont fake anything. I don’t know why you @Mattches @steeven lied last month saying that next month payout will be made properly. I didn’t hope this . :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

Lol, i kept open the browser all day, but still it doesn’t reconcile… so, don’t give me that reconcile douche


i use brave daily for browsing and youtube all time

Really? I only use brave for ornhub and hamster

Please see the following thread for next steps regarding this issue:

welcome to the club.

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