Gemini wallet no longer verified in the UK so haven’t recieved my payouts but have now created Uphold wallet instead

Dear Brave Rewards support,

I had a verified account with Gemini in the UK but it has now become unverified and disconnected my brave earning/rewards from. My gemeni account. Leaving me without my 4/5 BAT unpaid.

I have created a new account with Uphold wallet and have verifef and connected in with my brave rewards/earnings. Can I expect to be paid my rewards from November/December?

Many thanks,


@Life08 Not sure how yours is reading, so let me answer more in-depth.

  • If your BAT was sitting in your browser and not in Gemini, then when you linked to Uphold it would have brought your balance down to 0 and all of the BAT in your browser would be moved to Uphold, usually appearing within about 24 hours, give or take.

  • If you were still connected to Gemini on the back end, it would have been sending your BAT to Gemini anyway. In that situation, you wouldn’t have been seeing the BAT in your browser after pay period and it would look like BAT was “lost.” As such, there would be nothing to transfer to Uphold when you linked to it.

  • When you’re asking about receiving Rewards for November/December, depends on what you mean? All earnings you have moving forward will pay to Uphold automatically each month, starting with the next payments will begin around January 7. If you’re asking about prior months, that all depends on your status as indicated in the two prior parts.

If your situation doesn’t seem to match any of those, then you’ll probably need to create a Rewards Support Ticket and make sure you describe to them in as much detail as you can what your situation is, so they can try to look into things.

Thanks for the quick response, well I checked the other day and it all of a sudden said my Gemini account was unverified and disconnected from brave due to regional issues (from the UK),

It also said that Gemeni payouts were pending with a red dot signifying this. I hadn’t recieved anything from my Brave rewards to my Gemeni account from the 7th December onwards and realised this was because Brave disconnected my Gemini account, but it still told me to ‘check the status of my payout of 4 / 5 BAT’.

I figured I wasn’t going to get it due to my region no longer being supported by Gemini so I created a wallet with Uphold and verified it, but still haven’t recieved anything and am now being told that my Uphold wallet isn’t connected to Brave on the Brave rewards section, even though on my Uphold wallet app is says I’m connected it Brave browser?

Sorry if this does not make sense.


I get this message now from brave when authorising my Uphold account that was authorised up until now today…

" Error: Limited Uphold account functionality

According to Uphold, there are currently some limitations on your Uphold account. Please log in to your Uphold account and check whether there are any notices or remaining account requirements to complete, then try again. For example, you may need to submit more information to Uphold."

And yh i was verified and connected to brave rewards via Uphold for the past few days and it said this.

Many thanks

This means you haven’t finished everything in your Uphold profile (you didn’t do all your CDD/KYC/AML stuff). There’s someone else who had experienced similar issue and he created a topic on it, in regards to how he resolved. Check out SOLUTION to "ERROR: Limited Uphold account functionality” and see if it works for you.

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Thanks all is sorted now with verification with Uphold. Just a waiting to see if I recieve my BAT from November /bDecember now :+1:t2:

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