No bat in uphold waller


i seem to be permanently having trouble with receiving rewards…

before i was on gemini, got a new machine and cannot link to my gemini account…

so i created an uphold account, it is linked, i says rewards gave been paid but nothing is showing in uphold.

What gives?

That’s a Gemini issues. Gemini team is looking into it. More details at

Btw, when did you connect to Uphold?


Thanks for letting me know about gemini, just seems weird as I had another installs
connected before but i admit i dont know all the moving parts to this problem.

Uhold was created, verified and connected on 10/01/2023

So I am not sure what Date format you’ve written in. If the US then gonna be MM/DD format but I am Indian and we use DD/MM format so if yours is a US date then would be 1st of October, so the payout for a rewards profile connected after 1st of a month is then received in the next month. So you will get the payout in November along with estimated earnings in this month.

Im uk but that is using US format so its MM/DD/yyyy

thanks for clarifying that

SO where has the September payout gone to>

The September payout? Were you connected to Uphold / Gemini that time? If not, then no payout as you need to be connected to earn BAT.

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