Gemini costs more in fees to withdraw BAT than the amount I'm withdrawing!

I’ve been collecting BAT tokens for over a year and occasionally transfer them to my Coinbase account from Gemini,
Recently, I tried to withdraw about 12 BAT & the Ethereum network fee was more than the BAT I was withdrawing!

Really seems pointless collecting Brave rewards now if it costs more to withdraw them, does anyone have a suggestion?

Also tried to connect my Gemini account on a new computer but keep getting a message that Gemini isn’t supported in my region - I’m in the UK, but I guess that’s another topic.


This fluctuates on a regular basis. I mean, I just checked and it’s just 12 GWEI to send, which is $0.45. This wouldn’t be anywhere near what you’re saying is more than the BAT you were withdrawing.

A little over an hour ago, it was at 30 GWEI, so may have been triple. It doesn’t matter what type of crypto you’re sending, it all works like this. You just have to learn the best time to send or receive. In addition, it’s usually dumb to send just small amounts. Let it accumulate and then do stuff. I doubt you’re hurting so bad you need the $2.10 or so right away.

Gemini is down for new integrations. Meaning nobody can connect new browsers to Gemini.

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withdraw them through Xrp ripple network . fees is very minimal

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that would be withdrawing xrp, not bat. only useful if you just want the value, rather than the tokens themselves.

so then sell the xrp and buy bats again :upside_down_face:

thanks for the suggestions, not a big deal of course, more of an annoyance, curious to know why there were initially no fees and now there are?
Not being able to connect a new computer is a pain.

Cost of business. Someone has to pay for everything to be sent, received, and stored.

I mean, why is it that when I was 18 it was possible to get a 1 bedroom apartment with all utilities included for about $700 per month? But now it costs on average about $1,700 per month without utilities?

Or where Netflix was $8.99/mo in 2007 but now costs $15.49/mo.

Life gets crazy.

Well, Uphold is always an option. But you’re right that it stinks that Gemini seems to be consistently having problems. I’m kind of hoping they get things figured out here before long on what’s going on.

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And now when I try to connect my Gemini account I get a “Error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged”… AGAIN!
nothing but problems with Brave rewards, beginning to lose interest sadly :frowning:

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