Uphold network fees

Today I was looking to withdraw from my uphold wallet to Coinbase. I want to withdraw about 35 BAT’s however the withdraw fee is 23 BAT’s witch leaves me with 12 BAT’s give or take. How can I make it so I dont have to give them 23 out of my 35 BAT’s and can they stop price gouging?

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It is probably something to do with wherever you are located unfortunately… In the U.S. they take very little. A few cents and that is it. I have heard of people converting their BAT to another currency like XRP or whatever it is called. As then they take a lot less.

I live in Canada and before they only took like 3 BAT’s.

How high fee uphold is charging for withdraw - #3 by itsbhushann See this topic where people talk about converting to XRP, idk if it is applicable to you. This is what I remember seeing.

ty ill take a look into that maybe it might work.

Hopefully that works for you, do let us know if it does. You would definitely be helping a lot of others for sure!

It is much much cheaper I hate companies that price gouge. Converting BAT’s to XRP is the way to go if the network fee is high. Thank you.

Cool. Feel free to mark my post as solution to end the thread. How much less were the fees?

Im pretty sure the fee was under 1 xpr

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