Minimum BAT withdrawal Limit in gemini

I was trying to withdraw my 7.6 BATs today but It got failed by saying the amount is invalid and the minimum BAT amount should at least be 25.29551552 . Since I have never withdrawn a single BAT from Gemini, I have no idea what am I doing wrong. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Someone else posted about this too. It must be a recent change made by Gemini. You should contact Gemini support and ask them. I don’t think Brave has anything to do with this so won’t be able to help.

Many exchanges allow withdrawing a minimum of 10 USD.
BAT is currently at 0.38 USD. So, your BAT is worth less than 3 USD at the moment.

Note that, you would have paid a lot of fees to withdraw such a small amount.
Cheapest way to withdraw is by swapping BAT to XRP or XLM. Fees are just few cents.

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@rodrige Well, he is on Gemini and Gemini allows 10 free withdrawals and this would be his first if he hasn’t withdrawn other cryptos. So fees isn’t the issue. Gemini previously had a policy of “no minimum amount” to withdraw. Appears this may have changed. I still think he needs to contact Gemini support and ask about the change in policy and the new minimum withdrawal limit.

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Not sure it’s a recent change.

It may not be. I don’t know. I was just going off Gemini documentation, which may be outdated. Probably is. Seems the standard in the crypto world. :wink:

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Hi, everyone!
I have the same problem. I was trying to withdraw my 7.8 BATs today, to avoid ETH(ERC20) network fee, I swaped them by SOL, because I hold them in another exchange.
7.8 BAT are equivalent to 0.09 SOL, but the minumun required to withdraw, is aproximatelly 0.29 SOL.

So this means that we need to have 25.29 BAT minumun to be able to withdraw them?
Do you know another way to withdraw our assets?

Thank you

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