Gemini now charging for transferring BAT to my own wallet

Is this normal? Why can’t brave just transfer BAT directly to my personal wallet instead of going through middle men? Now there is no point in transferring BAT to my personal wallet since the the fees take up the entire monthly rewards. What a joke.

Because they don’t want to do all the licenses and regulations required by government to pay directly. On top of that, it would mean Brave would have to start asking ALL users for their personal information for KYC/AML.

Therefore you have your “banks” which is what Gemini and Uphold act as. Those exchanges do all the KYC/AML and regularly report your income to the government as required.

And yes, Gemini was doing the 5 complimentary per month but I think people said that’s removed. At the same time, what the heck are you trying to move BAT monthly anyway? As you said, you don’t get paid that much. What in the world is your rush on pulling it out from there?

Hah. I have the same problem :slight_smile: Just now i logged in Gemini and i tried to transfer my tokens to Binance. They charge me for this transfer because i’ve exceeded the 5 complimentary withdrawals per month. Last time when i succesfully transfered my tokens from Gemini to another exchange was a couple months ago. I tought that only Uphold is full of problems, but it seems that Gemini has too.

Gemini has been worst for a while, but for some reason people liked it. I’ve had zero issues with Uphold, at least for receiving and withdrawing BAT.

And yeah, Gemini no longer does complimentary withdrawals.,the%20Gemini%20dollar%20(GUSD).

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