Gemini & Brave (2 browsers linked/verified)


I’ve now linked 2 of my web browsers to Gemini. However, after doing so, it appears to only show the balance of the most recently linked web browser. I had around $12 in BAT from browser 1 and $33 in BAT from browser 2, what happened? I have yet another device I plan to link, but not until I know there won’t be issues with reflecting the correct combined balance between devices/browsers.

Both browsers had a balance prior to connecting and had auto-contributions off. Browser 1: $12. Browser 2: 33 or so dollars. Both are connected now. (P.S. I already spoke with Gemini support back and forth over email and they recommended I contact Brave support now).

Thanks so much!

Where are you looking? Keep in mind that Brave will have a part of your Balance, which should reflect your entire Gemini balance, and then there’s your Estimated Earnings. The way you’re describing, it’s not showing your Gemini balance and may yet be showing a balance each device had prior to it was Verified. This is weird as usually once you verify, it zeroes out the balance in your browser and sends to Gemini. It can then take hours or days for Gemini to receive the balance and apply it to your account.

If you’re seeing the numbers toward Estimated Earnings, then it just means it hasn’t been sent out yet and likely will occur during the next payout, which BEGINS around June 8.

I was looking at the Your Balance section prior to verifying Gemini on both a desktop and mobile browser. These were balances that were the case prior to link and had been in there for a long time. These were not “estimated earnings” balances.

Right, so those are what were stored in your browser as what is called vBAT. When you connect to a verified wallet, that balance should drop to 0.00 and it can appear to vanish for a short period of time. As stated, for some it appears in a matter of a couple hours and others sometimes see a delay of a couple days. I’m not sure the factors behind what takes so long, except larger amounts can take longer as they try to make sure it’s not a fraudulent transaction.

When it does zero out, vBAT is converted to BAT and passed on to Gemini or Uphold, who then verify it and apply it to your account. Until that whole process happens, of course you’ll not see it in Gemini. And as stated, usually that balance vanishes immediately when you connect. If it’s still showing the balance you had prior, I’m guessing it’s just still sitting in the browser for now and trying to get sorted out, possibly paying when we receive the next payment around the 8th.

It’s up to you if you want to wait for that. If you think something is wrong and want to get a ticket going just in case, then the best way to get support on that is to create a Support Ticket at and Brave will look into it when they get to your ticket.

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