Rewards held in browser disappeared when linked Gemini account

I had about 97 BAT in my Brave account when I went to link my browser to my Gemini account. Now my balance shows as being 29.2 BAT, and that appears to just be a conversion of the $20 I had separately just sitting in my Gemini account. My Gemini account shows no BAT. Where did the 97 BAT disappear to?

@mganderson It didn’t disappear. What happened is that BAT that had been stored in your browser as vBAT is being transitioned and sent to Gemini, where you’ll receive BAT. Sometimes this happens right along and sometimes it can shift and be received in the following payout.

Worst case, you should receive in April. Best case, you’ll receive it within the next 7 days. Either way, if you don’t get it by the 18th, try to DM Steeven and Mattches with your Wallet Info and a description of your issue so they can look just to make sure there’s no issues.

Thank you! Appreciate the help!

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