Missing BAT after Gemini Link

I linked to Gemini and wallet balance went to zero.
Nothing appeared in Gemini after 12 hours.

Am I missing something?


What is probably happening if I had to guess is it’s showing you the balance within Gemini now. Go into the brave rewards settings and in the Ads section hit “view details” and see if your missing bat is in there.
You only need to hit view details on mobile, on a computer it’s already extended.
Your BAT won’t be paid out until the end of the month and even then it’ll be a good week or a week and a half into next month before it’s in Gemini

Thanks for the reply.

I have tried this with both my browsers now (both macos). The second worked as expected. I still can’t find a trail for the BAT that was in the first browswer. Both now show the wallet as verified with Gemini and show the balance that was in the second browser’s wallet.

When I go to Gemini I also see the BAT from the second browser but not the first.

Thanks again for any help!

When were the browsers verified? And on the “first browser” when you go into brave rewards in the ad section is there a BAT value listed? I’ve never seen brave on MacOS but I assume it looks identical to windows and Linux

Thanks again for the reply.

The “first browser” - on my laptop - was verified three or four days ago. After verifying with Gemini it showed a value of zero until I verified the second browser roughly 24 hours later. When I verified the second browser it showed a value of zero for about 15 minutes and then the balance from the second wallet appeared and I could view the BAT in Gemini.

Now, when I look in the ads section of either browser (or Gemini) the BAT balance is what was in the “second” wallet.

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