Gemini is here! You can now verify your Brave Rewards wallet with Gemini (even if you live in New York)!

Big news! You can now verify your Brave Rewards user wallet with Gemini. Make sure you update your browser first (brave://help) if you don’t see the option!

Read the official announcement here:

Note: BAT from your local browser wallet (if you’re unverified) can take up to 15-20 minutes to transfer over due to transaction clearing times!


Hi @chriscat

I just linked my rewards to Gemini and when I did so my rewards went to 0 BAT (Had 17 in there before) and I didn’t receive anything in my Gemini account. Is there any lag time associated with the transfer?


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Yes, there is a little bit of a delay due to transaction times. Check back in about 20 minutes :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks! Just appeared, good to know there’s some lag time.

Appreciate the help.


Hi @chriscat,

I am having trouble linking my brave rewards to Gemini. I updated already to 1.29.76. I have a verified wallet that used to be connected to Uphold, but I disconnected from Uphold. I already have a Gemini account and was trying connect that but it keeps sending me to instructions that appear to be for an unverified wallet.

Is there a method to switch over to Gemini for those with verified wallets that used to be with Uphold?



its been more than 20 minutes for me since i verified and linked my gemini wallet, and the BAT in browser went to zero. but nothing is showing up on my gemini for BAT.

You should probably specify you can’t use Gemini for Brave Rewards in the many many countries it’s not available.
And that there’s no cross-tipping between Gemini and Uphold.


Hi! Mine is still missing after 20 minutes - any ideas? Also where will it show up?

My balance is still missing and it’s been more than an hour since linking up.

It’s been over an hour and my BAT is still missing - any ideas?

Hello! We really need everyone’s patience here. Transactions are taking a little bit longer than expected due to high volume but we are working on getting this all ironed out. In the interim, if you verified and see 0.0 BAT in your browser wallet – don’t panic. You BAT is not gone and everything will work itself out.

Thank you.

@Mattches Do I need a passport to verify my identity or can I use my ID?

Also: do this fix the issue with the amount of devices that can be linked to brave rewards account?


There is nothing that needs to be fixed. You may have up to four devices per verified account (Uphold x 4 and Gemini x4) for a total of 8.

No you do not need your passport to verify with Gemini, you may user your ID.

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You can now verify your Brave Rewards wallet with Gemini (even if you live in New York

Not true. Gemini doesn’t support my country. So this doesn’t make sense at all. :-1:


Having the same issue - did you figure it out?

Hello @chriscat and @steeven. My BAT of 7.313 disappeared after 00:00 UTC today (5 pm PST). I really do not want my Brave wallet automatically connected to Gemini yet because I need the remaining BAT to be rewarded to Uphold since I need at least 25 BAT to withdraw (I have 21 BAT there at the time). While I have already registered to Gemini, I have not linked my account to Brave yet until I withdraw all my BAT out of Uphold before considering a move to Gemini. I have upgraded the brave browser but still did not see the verify wallet to gemini from my brave wallet yet except uphold.

Guys, do you recommend waiting till next month and sticking up with uphold for now? I just got my payment update so my BAT count got back to zero, I’m guessing the transaction will apply to uphold, so changing wallets might be a bad idea right now. Just guessing, dunno about the technical methods of payment.