FUP update, đźš« Block Nuisance causing Loom Screen Recorder Microphone Permission check using this new pattern

The Previous thread was Locked so this is a quick follow up post to block this annoying Popup


Previous method fix has turned ineffective

The Problem as of now is that i have no interest in giving microphone permission for loom but the site is very keen on getting this permission… The recording works effectively even without microphone permission so this popup needs to be stopped as it seems to be triggering the popup not only before the recording starts BUT ALSO after the recording gets started which is very irritating…

I founded a way to do way to stop this

The Pattern is


Add the above pattern to Network request blocking

reference to how to setup

just enable network request blocking whenever you are about to record and that annoying popup will no longer be shown… If Loom notices this workaround and introduces another script to escape the block, i’ll post a fix for that aswell…

I wish there was way to integrate this specific network request with brave shields blocking but unfortunately shields seems ineffective to block this popup

Not sure which one is correct but both didnt work…

im also not sure whether the format is correct or not os brave havent made it easy to block individual scripts yet…