From yesterday i didnt recieve a single new tab ads,i recieve pop-up ads but they are lesser in number

from yesterday i stopped seeing new tab ads but recieving the pop up ads.and the pop up ads are also less in number i recieved like ony 5-6 pop up ads the whole day.
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Same here. On all devices. I have checked regional catalog and I should be getting ads. Same is happening to my gf and friend.

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Same i also checked regional catalog but i am not getting the ads

Many companies who use BAT tokens for advertising their company isn’t paying that much as they were paying earlier. I think that is the main reason why we aren’t getting ads. I think it’s because of instability of the market right now.

Is this case for everyone else?
Everyone is getting less adds?

No ads on brave news also

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Well, there is certainly less popups. And the news ads as well.
New tab ads still appear. Well, i had 2 days without any. Likely new tab ad campaigns ran out.
Bit today it is normal again.

so most likely you were flagged, and never ever get any rewards again.
support will tell you to wait. And if you read this forum you will find people who were waiting for even 12m to get unflagged, and still nothing.

same thing happened to me, since 2 days I am barely getting any ads but not receiving any BAT tokens for them.

Any update today i didnt recieve a single ad nor new tab or pop up?

Same here broo !!!

Happens some time it max be fixed tommorow like before

What i am asking is that am i the only one not getting the ads or is anyone else also not geeting ads

I think everyone is at the same boat here bro.

Concerning the new tab ads you first asked about… as I addressed before, whenever a new tab Ad with low ptr is available to you it will prevent all others available new tab ads from being served until “pacing delivery” is complete.

You can check this ptr parameter for each campaign accessing the catalog directly:


I believe this ‘ptr’ should be an organic number between 0 and 1 based on the campaign feedback, but they’re forcing it to 0.01 or lower, which causes this behaviour. At this point I think it’s clearly intentional.

In practice, you will eventually see new tab Ads if dig further into new tab page and spend more time on it.

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