Brave advertisements error

I don’t receive my BAT tokens for advertisements on my Home page, from the past 15-20 days, Every time I think this time I will get my rightful tokens, nope, it never happens. I only receive tokens from the pop-ups with the advertisement. Pls fix this, I have spent a lot of time and data into clicking those advertisements and no I don’t receive my share, that’s unfair…

Which country do you live in?

And also check this site: and see if there are any “New Tab Ads” available.

I live in Nigeria.
Could you please guide me how to look about for ‘New Tab Ads’?

If you see below eToro [First Ad] it shows below Type: new tab page (In blue)…

That is the New Tab Ad…

You don’t have to click the ads to receive BAT. If you are not receiving BAT for ads that you see in a new tab, there is a fix coming soon.

Yeah, that’s what is happening, I am not receiving BAT for the ads I see or click in a new tab. I would be eagerly waiting for a fix is one is coming up soon. Thanks a lot.

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Oh I see…, thanks a lot!

Fix for desktop is live-
Release Notes V1.27.111 (Aug 5, 2021)

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My version is up to date.

I don’t know, I thought with the new update, the problem would go, but it still remains, the problem now is that the same ad doesn’t pay me, on ‘New Tab Ads’, even after 1 day or 3 days, this is what I have noticed, so even if I click it or receive those ads on my tab, I am not earning anything. I am really confused…

It is been around 5-6 days, still the ads which I watched back then, doesn’t pay me on the New Tab Ads when showing its ads and infact one of the ad I had watched last month, that is also not paying me. Don’t know what to do? I have lost so much BAT because of this.

@rosiecar same issue, for months i don’t get BAT for sponsored images, on top of BAT from ads not being sent to Uphold. it’s all going for too long now.

Dude, you didn’t lose any BATSs.

“Not gaining BATs” and “Losing BATs” are completely different things :confused:

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@tshweute What version of Brave do you have?

I meant it in a strategic way, had I got the BAT’s for the ads that I had seen, I would have so much more BAT and wouldn’t lose it to thin air even after spending a lot of time and small amount of data(which could sum to a lot, as I have clicked on them thousand’s of times over the whole previous month till now, just to get no success is a loss for me, I think :sweat_smile:)
BTW thanks, I really feel the Brave browser support should look into and get this thing resolved at the earliest and I am quite optimistic they would do so.
:+1: :grinning:

Version 1.27.111 Chromium: 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Ohh just so you know, you don’t need to click on the ads you receive. Just leave it as it is… Don’t click on it… It will still count it.

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@tshweute Please start your own thread so that your issue doesn’t get lost. Be sure to provide the basic troubleshooting information that is requested in the template that will appear when you start a new thread.

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@rosiecar thanks, however, i have already done so. someone called steven asked me to DM couple of information including my wallet ID. wallet screenshot, etc. then another support member asked a couple of us to DM from under a thread of a person without Uphold payment for 3 months.
i’m not so bothered by sponsored images, but the fact that i never get paid BAT into Uphold since March this year. no further support response following these DMs.

@steeven is one of the Brave support people here. However, he and other support people get hundreds of requests for help every day, and it takes a while for them to process them all.

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