Notice to all: device limit is gone!

Thanks to this shitty problem that is taking so long, now I have also lost the Gemini wallet, since it is no longer supported in Argentina and I will not be able to verify it again. I only have Uphold left.


Lots of bans, extra ads limitations, forced features…

So much trouble being caused to prepare the ground for this limit removal I tend to think it shouldn’t be done in first place.

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That’s exactly what I thought.
I never thought they’ll just lift the limit without doing all these things (bans, limits, etc.)

With the recent payout chaos, I either think they’re in a pretty unstable financial situation due to whole crypto crisis, or they simply don’t want users to get those BATs out of their “system”.

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To all of those people jumping up and down about the linking limit being removed…it is going to be removed when they remove it and yelling and whining is not going to speed up the process. They are being cautious for valid reasons and want the process to go smoothly. Everyones BAT is safe on their browser until the limit is removed but if that isn’t enough for some people then back up your Brave default folder to a back up device so that should anything untoward happen to your pc you can reinstall Brave then copy the default folder back and you will have lost nothing (I myself do this on a weekly basis).Once again…calm down, wait, stop this incessant noise and let them do what they have to do. Rant over.

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What extra ads limitations and forced features? I missed that information.

Tweaks, postponement… basically raising the difficulty. It won’t be officially stated anywhere, but earning ads is getting hard lately.

Simply wondering if there is an update?

You can follow this link…

Thank you for the info


Hopefully this goes into effect smoothly and everyone will be happy.



So everyone should be able to connect with no issues and device limits gone. Hopefully no issues!

Many many thanks to brave Team.

Good news.

Thanks for keeping us informed, @Saoiray!

Yep, just about time.

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I’m sorry, I don’t have the time to read the entire post. What do you mean is I can now link more than 4 devices with my uphold account? like 20 accounts or so on?

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Yeah, device limit is gone. No idea what they might implement or do in the future, but at least for the moment there are no restrictions to how many can be linked to Uphold or Gemini.

Well, that’s a piece of marvelous news. Now I can consider installing the brave browser in all of my cousins and on the family’s phones. Finally, somewhere they can be helpful.

Anyway, is this feature live for everyone, like me?

Yes, this was implemented on the back end last night. So that means the system is no longer limiting how many how many devices may be connected. However is important to note that only applies for Gemini and Uphold. The reason I’m stressing that is because people in Japan use BitFlyer and they haven’t exempted that yet.

Do we need to do something to enable this as I am still unable to do so even though this is only the second device(all time 6th) I tried verifying but still I encountered this problem

Hmm, seemed to be going well overall. Not sure what the problem might be. Guess let’s tag @chriscat and @Mattches so they can try to look into it. Not sure if they’ll say to open a ticket, if will respond here, DM you, or what. But I do know they will definitely try to get it figure out and help you when they can.