Low "ptr" IC Ads preventing other IC Ads from being served

I noticed whenever an available Inline Content Ad with low ptr (0.01) triggers the “pacing delivery” mechanism it prevents other available IC Ads from being served, even if they have high ptr (close to 1).

It seems weird since the ‘pacing delivery’ should be only applied to specific campaigns, right?

My question is: Is it an expected behaviour? Or some kind of bug?

I see other users are also intrigued about not seeing ads lately… perhaps that’s the cause.

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I think because ads are scarce. Today i have no sponsored image, and received only… 5 ads; I normally have more than 25 ads and always have a sponsored image. Hopefully things will get better.

@g00z could you please send us logs via support with your findings so that I can investigate further as I have tested and all appears to be working as expected. Thanks

Did you happen to test it on a fresh device? Cause I guess these first served ads are probably due ad_priority.h.

Once you get these first 2-3 priorities, low ptr ads will prevent any others from being served until pacing delivery randomly hit the desired number.

This campaign, for example, will almost make it impossible to view an IC ad with such low ptr…

Hi. This is working as expected as we pace then prioritize. Once new inventory becomes available then other ads will be shown. I do not see any issues. PTR changes dynamically to help us pace our inventory and if low it means we want very few to be shown. Thanks

how could we check the ptr ? I am a creator with a website since 2019 but my BAT has been zero till now.

Here it is catalog

But your problem seems to be a very different subject.

I see, thank you for the explanation.

However, you may agree that 0.001 is a bit extreme and it pratically means no ad will be shown in reality.

Many users don’t understand this mechanism and they’re really concerned about not seeing ads. It’s leading them to all sort of unproductive measures like mess with device configurations, reset wallets, duplicate profiles, complaints…

Please review the possibility of applying an intermediate measure to that matter.


As and when inventory becomes available for campaigns the PTR will change. Ads are only shown if there is an ad suitable for the user. Thanks

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