Fox News predominance in Brave News?

I love the Brave browser experience but I am disappointed, if not alarmed, that the Brave News feature seems to be largely drawn from Fox News, renowned across the world for misinformation and fallacious right wing political views. I’d prefer to see a more balanced news source used.

You can easily disable Fox News.

  1. Click on the Customize button at the bottom-right corner of the New Tab page.
  2. Brave NewsAll sources.
  3. Disable/enable whichever source of news you would like.
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Surprised that someone would even complain about this seeing how the majority of mainstream media outlets are full of left wing bias and largely outnumber Foxnews. Foxnews being like 1 alternative to 6 or 8 other dominant, left wing mainstream outlets. lol


snowflake spotted XD

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