Hide sources in Brave News feed

I really enjoy the Brave News service. adding sites and topics is easy enough. but there should be an “I’m not interested in this” or “hide source” option.
I bring this up because the other day I clicked on an article from a site I didn’t know was EXTREMELY biased and universally considered a propaganda machine. the headline was innocent enough, but the story was something else entirely. I read, I learned, I know never to go there again. now my news feed is peppered with sites that no right-thinking person would ever click on.
unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. I’m also getting stories from the CCP, gossip mags, and articles about soccer, which is probably the most boring thing I can imagine.
it’s not about politics. I read an article not understanding the source, and now I’m seeing articles from other sources I’m not interested in. if I could just click “hide all stories from [site]” it could be solved in two seconds.
still no idea why I’m getting soccer stories. soccer sucks, and I’ll fight you.

looks like this has been implemented! thank you so much!

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no idea what you’re talking about. literally.

I “balanced out” my news sources by blocking a few sites that were opinion, not news. that’s all.

if you have a problem with reality, that’s your issue.

How can I access this tool. I am finding the same thing. No interest in certain publishers. Thanks!

Thanks for the information!