Avoid political propaganda news on Brave front page Please

It is quite enough to see Ukraine on every social network, every western news outlet and half the internet. I know Brave browser is American, but can you please have the courtesy to not spam war news or propaganda, of any kind on the front page.

That would be much appreciated !

Or if you have to, why not post anything related to recent bombings on middle-east caused by the west forces? It’s only fair.

I thought this browser is meant to stop the spam.

Other than that, the images of nature and cities are amasing.

Hi and welcome to the community. You can turn Brave News off if you prefer or you can also customize the news sources. Both options are in the Customize menu. Have you tried either of those options? Although you will probably get some Ukraine related news in your feed, like you said, every publishing source seems to have something on it, even the ones you wouldn’t normally expect!

The Customize menu is located on the bottom right of a New Tab Page.

After opening, select Brave News and either toggle off Show Brave News or click on All Sources to toggle on/off the news sources you want to see. With this new update, you can even add RSS feeds not listed (yeah!). So, you could toggle everything off in the All Sources list and add your own if you want!

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