Block News Sources

I’m requesting a block feature for the Brave News sources. While it is possible to “Follow” an agency, there doesn’t seem to be a way to block/exclude one. I keep getting news from sources I do not follow and do not want to follow, my only recourse is to turn off the service altogether, which I have.

Ditto. Why would anyone willingly expose themselves to Fox News?

A block function would be very helpful here.

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Wow. Having a bad week?

I tried that. Take a look.
2023-08-02 14.12.39.gif

Funny how “I’d prefer not to see fascist talking points from a channel who has legally admitted their coverage is not factual” got you so triggered. Maybe look into that.

I agree 100%. Why are we being subjected to forced news sources that we don’t want to read?

You do know that you can customise the news sources you see in the feed? I think the idea is once you activate the news feed, you can then go in and choose your own sources/deselect sources that you don’t want to see. However admittedly I do find I occasionally have to revisit settings as new news sources are added, to deselect them mostly.

Late to this party, but why is this not an option??

I’m about to turn off Brave News, which is a shame.

I had to LOL at the comments … I found this while specifically looking to block Faux News and all the comments where spot on. It’s not immediately obvious, but if you click on the name of the source on the news tile (NOT in “Customize”) there is one option to “Disable content from …”