Is Brave an Unbiased Browser?

So, the reason why I downloaded Brave in the first place is to get more unbiased news media, but lately, all I have been seeing (AGAIN) is left-wing media being pushed. Is Brave turning into Duck, Duck Go? Where DDG was unbiased until it started going more left. I heard there’s a toggle for Left/Right media (I don’t have that extension) but I also don’t necessarily want to be told exclusive news from either side. I just want well rounded information and content that isn’t political and looking straight at the facts!

Thank you!

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  1. Brave is not going to change the news that websites put.

  2. Brave News can be customized. You’re able to add any site that uses RSS and, if you go on your Mobile device to Settings → Brave News you’ll see where you can choose which websites you want to get news from based on topic

On desktop you need to go to your New Tab Page and you’ll see Customize button on the bottom right. You’ll click it and then on Brave News. From there you can add sources or choose which existing connections to sites you want to turn on or off on each topic.

  1. If you’re referring to Brave Search at all, that also can be customized using Goggles. This allows you to sort the search results you see based on your own preferences.

Examples of some Goggles you can use for Brave Search:

So you’re able to fully have control of what sources you see everything. Your default settings will just be a random slew of things as is commonly used by people.

Brave lists all manner of media companies.

This is one of several almost identically worded posts bothered that some of the listings are “right wing” such as the New York Post.

Full disclosure: I hate Rupert Murdoch too, but I know what “unbiased” means.

Thanks, guys!!! I was worried that it was going to start showing me biased news going in one direction. Thanks for your tips!

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