New Brave News site

I have a simple request regarding the Brave News feature. Add The Gateway Pundit and Revolver news. You have quite a few far left “news” sources like the commie haven NPR, but I see no so called “far right” (they’re not) sources like Gateway Pundit or Revolver.

i agree, brave is a great browser but looking through the news sites you can select, its missing quite a few

There is a lot of choices but in reality i see a bias pattern i mean imagine having NPR but not Gateway Pundint. Come on Brave

I second this i see Buzzfeed, BUZZFEED lol

to be honest i don’t use the news feature but i agree now that you bring it up. i have a list of news sites that i cant find i understand that it cant be everyone of them but there seems to be a lack of right wing stuff dont tell me brave is going woke

NPR LOL now that’s funny, NPR is a joke

Bruh so you’re the reason why I got that Gateway brainrot on my feed. You could just have added it manually