Disable questionable sources by default from Brave Today

Brave Today has several questionable mainstream media sources such as CNN enabled by default despite the fact they are notorious for promoting regressive leftist propaganda.

I strongly recommend that any site that bashes Trump and his supporters, and/or bashes critics of Islam and the regressive left should be disabled by default.

Along with checking if the site bashes the groups above so they can be disabled by default, I also recommend specifically checking if the site bashes GamerGate as this is a big red flag that the site is controlled by regressive leftists. Also check if the site promotes/defends BLM, Antifa, and Intersectionalism, while fearmongering about the non existent “Alt-Right” and slandering non-questionable groups such as The Proud Boys.

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Unfortunately almost all media outlets in the world back left-wing parties. See this interesting list on Wikipedia. Facebook, Twitter and Google (YouTube) also back left-wing parties, so does the Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia). It’s a global dictatorship.

As for Brave Today, you can turn on Fox News, Breitbart, WashingtonTimes, The Blaze, New York Post, The Telegraph (not American), Daily Mail (not American).

Please disable any news outlet that has openly supported Trump and/or his lies. :wink:

Sincerely, the rest of the world.

Thank you for trying to be helpful, though Fox backstabbed Trump supporters, The New York Post bashed Gamergate, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph are regressive, and the Washington Times looks like it can’t be trusted. Only Breitbart and The Blaze are reliable.

The Brave staff should add this feed to Brave Today: https://www.oann.com/feed/

Also add Big League Politics, The Post Millennial, True North Canada, Rebel Media, Zero Hedge, WND, Exclusively Games, and Bounding Into Comics.

Also, go ahead and add Info Wars even though I think it’s completely unreliable because seriously, you got CNN, The CBC & BBC, VICE, Vox Media, and The Gizmodo Media Network on Brave today, and they are all as reliable as Info Wars because they spew regressive leftist propaganda.

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