For Unverified Users in Unsupported Countries, Just donate your BAT

After investigating and searching why there’s no claim button now I’m probably late on the changes and its really unfortunate. There’s no point on saving BAT now for people like me that still wait forever for those custodial partners to open up and its unlikely to change until the deadline in April. its really frustrating that Brave choose this move to further limit unverified users but I still think it would beneficial for them with a huge cost (userbase, rants etc.).

So the January BATs that should be claimed is already gone and even the earnings for 1st week of February is gone. I currently don’t know where it went.

I’ll wait for further developments until April arrive until then I’ll keep my saved BAT and decide whether to donate or wait it to be zero by a refresh of a button.

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In the same boat here, Brave user for years and now left out in the cold. Donate my BAT? Why should I donate my BAT when creators are already getting paid by Youtube? Sorry but that is a pass and I have turned off rewards totally. Also I was getting sick of being lied to by both Brave and Gemini so I will be cashing out what BAT I have in Gemini. Brave browser is good but rewards is a pile of crap.

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Are you from India ? As per latest update, they are working to get back India with a new partner and signs are positive.

Let’s see what happens

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What a bs decision by Brave Team! Just donate your BAT!!! Guess it’s time to uninstall Brave browser. Man! I’m so pissed rn.


if your a verified user dont be alarmed since your already fine just wait for your BAT in Gemini.

No. unfortunately im on the Philippines. Uphold is blocking registration

yeah and its really unfortunate and they didnt even address what changes they made.

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