Was rewarded .5 BAT to uphold but accrued 15 BAT+

Not sure what to do about it? have photo proof before the month ended and seems like the 15BAT were just rolled over into the current month. Sitting at 19BAT for June already, just want to make sure they don’t “disappear”.

Hey, at least you got some BAT deposited to your verified Uphold account. Some of us haven’t gotten any this month.

I wasnt complaining, just looking for a little reassurance that the rest would come eventually. In comparison to the amount accrued, .5 is basically nothing.

I’ve been having most bat carried over for the past 3 months or so. Maybe they’ll get it fixed for next month. This is the first month where no bat has been deposited to uphold and it says “arriving” while payments to uphold are said to be complete. So who knows.

oh wow , sorry to see your struggles. hopefully things get resolved and back payed before the next run.

rug pulled rewards again smh

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