Can we get alternatives to Uphold soon?

I am happy to see my BAT rewards be automatically deposited into a wallet easily. I know that all Uphold platform feedback should go to the Uphold support team. But I have been having nothing but transaction issues with Uphold and their platform is not user-intuitive at all. As soon as my BAT is deposited, I send it off to another external wallet or exchange. As someone who uses multiple exchanges, I do not need another one such as Uphold. I would rather have the option of getting my BAT deposited into other exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase as KYC is needed. So a feature request of mine would be to have the choice of other withdrawal options through other exchanges with KYC and not just Uphold alone.


The team may another option. Not soon, but I believe in the future.

Thanks for your feedback and for your patience. :slight_smile: