Personal wallet connection for BAT token withdrawal

this is a request to problem solve and enable the ability to withdraw BAT tokens earnt to any wallet. If the ease is not there to withdraw tokens paid by clients marketing through brave, how will this ever be a successful model. Like alot of ppl i dont use Uphold, i have now forgotten my 2FA and it is all a pain in the backside. Blockchain and the new business models are meant to make things easy, and this is enough for most ppl to turn off. MUST BE RESOLVED TO SUCCEED

Hey there, I can understand your views as I too thought the same once. I actually listened to a Brave meeting posted by @Saoiray. The process of letting rewards connect to a wallet/exchange is complicated than what we all think (the normal user). There are a lot of terms & conditions to agree on from both sides. Also There’s nothing much brave can do. The decision of a wallet/exchange to offer connecting Brave rewards to their services is solely their decision. Hope this helps. Cheers!

How about this. You tell me, how would this be done? What you need to consider is:

  1. Governments all have different laws, but internationally KYC/AML is required. This means obtaining everyone’s very sensitive information. And it’s not just about collecting this information. They also have to communicate with each government to tell them how much money or BAT you are getting, so the government can tax you.

  2. Each government requires things like a Money Transmitter License or other special licenses/certifications required, not to mention the money fees they would have to pay.

  3. Okay, so why not do other exchanges, you might ask? Well, it’s because it’s not as simple as saying “hey, we want to send money your way.” They actually have to contract with each other and make a deal regarding fees. Then also the API has to work and communicate with each other. It’s a big process.

Withdrawing tokens is really easy. Not sure where you’re having difficulty, unless you just are in an unsupported region.

Then use Gemini. Or you wait for the third exchange they are working to add now. If you mess with crypto much, you should know that you have to create all sorts of accounts to get things, unless you use an exchange like Uphold to do it for you. And depending on what you’re doing, each required a lot of identification from you. It’s annoying.

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