New user Issues with Bookmarks


recently moved over from chrome to brave - installed on android and w10.

I imported my bookmarks - they seemed to work well.

but recently say the last 2 days - been on brave now for say 2 weeks.

every time I select a folder to open brave crashes, if I right click on the folder it opens up and then i can select a book mark

if the top level item is not a folder it works.

Very annoying . not sure what to do.

the last change I made was to expand my url entry bar. The wide address bar option

EDIT - tried resetting back - no help

I will reply to my own issue. Found the problem

group tab save - with it on it crashes. I think its because it thinks my folders are group tabs and if its nested it can’t handle them

turned it off and its working again.

How do I report that issue ?

Thank you for this information.
This issue you’re seeing is an issue with the underlying Chromium engine and is likely something that would need to be fixed upstream rather than by Brave directly. Regardless I will pass this information on to the appropriate team members for review.

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