Not closing the Bookmark folder when adding a new bookmark

Hi guys,

I think the title basically says it all. Basically when ever i add/drop a bookmark in anyfolders that i have on my “Bookmarks” the folder in question closes right after.
This is very annoying since i have to go back sometimes move it around and make sure it was dropped correctly. Yeah i have many times dropped the bookmark wrong and would prefer to keep the folder windows open to double check. I think Firefox keeps the folder open so i got used to it.
Is this something that could be added soon? or maybe is in the pipe?

Maybe others can cast their vote if they also like this feature. Its very very small but quite helpful i think.

How about managing via Bookmarks Manager?

Of course you can do that but usually if you have the folder on the Bookmarks bar you tend to drag & drop. Much more natural. Atleast i think so.