Adding Bookmark-- collapse folders

Can you provide the ability to collapse folders in the folder list in Android, when adding a bookmark?

I have many bookmarks, sorted in about six main folders that each have dozens of folders. There’s well over fifty folders total, so to find one in, for instance, a middle main folder, I have to scroll all the way past every subfolder of the first two main folders, making sure I don’t go too far. It’s very tedious…

But if I could collapse the folder trees, it would be very quick to add a bookmark to a any folder.

I haven’t even considered syncing my desktop bookmarks because there’s no way it would be usable in my phone.

Thanks for considering it.

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Just started using Brave and love it so far; except for the above issue, which is quite the deal breaker for me.

It doesn’t really help that this request is from 2019!! Might have to leave brave again.

Being able to collapse folders is vital to find the right place to store a bookmark on android.

Also, I would not consider it an option to just “dump” new bookmarks into the mobile bookmarks folder, as they would have to be re-sorted from a desktop browser later on.

In 2022, this would be a very small request to actually get some work done on smart phones as well, thank you!