Folder location problems in the Open File or Download file window

When I try to download files in Brave (or upload attachments when using web mail within Brave, e.g. Gmail), a window of course pops up to ask me which folder to download the file to. (or when uploading an attachment to Gmail within Brave, there is of course an “Open File” window that pops up in which I can locate the file I want to attach). However, multiple folders seems to be missing in these “Open File” or “Download file” or “locate file” windows. My main Document folder is missing as an option within these “locate files” windows. All my plugged-in USB sticks or portable hard drives are missing. It’s as if Brave can’t recognise the existence of these folders or drives as possible options from which I can locate a file to upload or from which I can pick a folder to download into. It’s as if Brave simply doesn’t recognise many folder locations on my computer. (But Brave does recognise Desktop and a few other locations.)
My workaround so far has been to download files onto Desktop, and then minimizing Brave to then transfer the file from Desktop into the folder location where I want the file to go. Or I have to transfer an existing file onto my Desktop in order to then be able to upload it as an attachment in webmail. (if I didn’t, there is no way to add an attachment to an email in Gmail when using Brave, since Brave simply doesn’t provide me with My Documents as a location from which to pick a file to upload.) But this workaround is very annoying. Why is Brave not recognising folder locations on my computer?

P.S. This problem doesn’t exist when I use other browsers, e.g. Firefox. It’s only a problem in Brave. When I download PDF files from the web using Firefox, Firefox indeed allows me to save a file to all possible folder locations on my computer. Whereas many folder locations are missing when I try to download a PDF file on to my computer using Brave, and so I end up having to download the file to Desktop, since that is one of the very few folder locations recognised by Brave.

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