Download problem

Cannot download files to any folder except Desktop folder

  1. Select file (.pdf) as an email attachment
  2. Select Download option
  3. Windows 10 “SAVE AS” dialog says “File not found, Check filename and try again”

This happens for all destination folders except ‘Desktop’

**Brave Version 1.11.97 Chromium:84.0.4147.89 (64bit)

Are you using gmail or some email client like outlook? I use gmail and didn’t see an issue attaching the file to email or downloading the file from the email… The only thing might be borkage from a desktop email client… or could be a bad extension… Can you try with all the extesions disabled (or in a private window)?

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I’m using gmail directly from their web mail page. Have tried with other extensions but having the same problem.

The object was to try it without any extensions and see if downloading works. You can also simulate that by using a new profile to test the downloading as well…

Have disabled the extensions present in Brave but the problem still persists

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