File Download authorization

I am the administrator of my computer so I have all the rights. When I try to download any file, I only can download it to the default directory. If I try to change it the answer is that I have no rights to download in that different folder. May I know how to fix this problem?

Just for information with other browser the problem doesn’t occur

Thank you

Stefano Mariani

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Hello @Stefano56, thank you for reaching us out. What kind of device and OS do you have? If on desktop go to brave://settings/downloadschange the location and enable “ask where to save” If the issue persists, clear cookies y cache.



I did it already in the past but the answer it’s always the same: “you don’t have enough rights to download the file”

This problem doesn’t occur using other browser such as Chrome. In my opinion there are some rights settings somewhere in Brave that doesn’t recognize me as Administrator

Could you help me?

Thank you

Hello @Stefano56, thanks for replying. Are you sure you have enough space. For download errors, please read the following article:

Hope it helps. Regards.


I have 138GB on the first HDD and 398GB on the second one. Is it enough? :blush:
I repeat there are some settings on the browser that doesn’t allow me to be recognzed as Administrator of the pc and the disks. Repeat again using Chrome Browser the problem doesn’t occur

Thank you

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