Feel scammed (lost of current earnings)


Same problem since last night.

I lost all of mine I’m pissed, let me know if you figure out why…

Hi @Algo2333, @Versus, @prometheus25, very sorry for the inconvenience. This was some confusion in the previous version of the ad summary display. Can you please make sure your browser is updated to the latest, by going to Brave → About and restarting. You can find more information here:

If you are still seeing this after upgrade please let me know.

I did not see any transfer from pending to the wallet on the 5th. I had bat in pending and now 0 in wallet. I’m in U.S central and have opted into ad viewing and it appeared everything was working fine. Is that BAT just gone now?

Hi @mbcool we’ll get this figured out with you, the BAT shouldn’t be gone. Can you please DM me what you see in brave://rewards-internals? Thanks.

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For the folks who are noticing this, is autocontribute turned on?

mine was off when I noticed it. @jsecretan figured it out for me on my end.:+1: