I have lost my 2 BAT please say how can i get it back

I have lost my 2 BAT suddenly when I updated my browser. It is not received in wallet also please say why it is happening like this. already the reward is very less 0.005 and in this i have lost 2 BAT this is not good please send it back @bravesoftwareinternational .

Do you have any evidence or screenshots of how much BAT you originally had, and when the BAT disappeared? You should also provide the Brave version, and device version (Settings > About Brave) you’re using. Otherwise, how is the Brave team supposed to believe you?

But I didn’t take any photo before the BAT is lost… how could I know that it could happen like this…then from now every month 5th i will take a photo of my rewards and then if I lost then I would have an evidence… but I must loose my 2 BAT this time :persevere: it’s not good

Could it be that it’s still in the midst of processing? Brave is still processing this month’s payments:


it could be but I didn’t verified my wallet with connecting to uphold… so that is what i am fearing about

If you didn’t verify your wallet with Uphold, then you have what is called a “Unverified Wallet”.

You should still be able to receive BAT in your unverified wallet. Monitor the situation until the payments have finished processing, to ensure that your BAT really is missing.


yes sure thank you… i will wait and see

yes it was processing for the payment but it was deducted early so I thought I lost my BAT but I got it… thank you for taking time for giving a reply


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