Lost BAT due to update

I updated the browser and to my dismay I lost around 10 BAT that have been getting carried over for many months. I went from over 10 BAT (don’t know exact amout) down to 1.68 BAT in pending rewards. Is there any way for me to receive my lost BAT? I feel kinda cheated having lost all my BAT


I don’t know people found the origin of “I feel cheated” I am seeing it everywhere.

Anyways, all the BATs that were deducted from your wallet, that wasn’t paid to you in the past shall be credited to you in the next payouts.

Did you claim the bats in the previous months?

It seems that I had the same problem. Went from 13 BAT to zero. I don’t know the exact reason, but I’m guessing it was after update my app.

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