Feedback on the Sync feature and New Tab customisations

Hello Brave People!

Having tried several different browsers across home home estate, I’ve settled on Brave as the default browser for all my machines and my Android phone.

There are lots of things I like about it but I do have a couple of … niggles which are probably dead easy to solve and, from the other posts here, would please a lot of people.

Niggle 1: Sync.
Yes, my bookmarks, history and all that jazz send from one device to the other - great. But it REALLLY ANNOYS ME NO END, when I have to go through every single setting on every single device to manually make them the same across all my devices - there’s 7 PCs (and a phone but that being different is understandable).

PLEASE can you make “Settings” mean “All settings”. Surely it isn’t that hard to do this and I have seen countless posts asking for it so it’d be a really popular feature.

Niggle 2: New Tab Page
a) Why is this excluded from Sync? Make it a slider “Sync new tab page settings” YES/NO. Again, having to go through all the customisations on each device is a pain.

b) Custom image on New Tab background on Mobile. I’ve turned off the sponsored images from the new tab (it was showing content, such as adverts for boxing or martial arts, which I felt inappropriate for my young children to see) and used a custom image on my computers but I’m unable to set that on Mobile :frowning:

(on a positive note, I’ve literally just noticed that there’s some new backgrounds appearing which at least breaks up the monotony of the Bridge, Hamster and Rock formation that seemed to be on an endless loop!)

c) New Tab > Top Sites … can you please make it draggable, or at least the ability to adjust the number of icons to show per page? It’s currently fixed to 2 rows of 6. On my laptop’s 1920x1080 display, there is so much room for it and sort of defeats the effectiveness of the quick access shortcut things.

I strongly believe that these minor changes will help everyone love and appreciate the Brave Browser even more. I’d love to hear from the community to see if these are as popular or interesting suggestions as I think haha but it would be even better to hear from Brave representitives if they feel these suggestions would be worth the development time.

By the way, does anyone know exactly which settings are supposed to be synchronised?

Many thanks to one and all!