Some small QoL changes to improve "basic" usability

Hey guys, I wanted to give feedback on 2 small things on desktop version and Android version of the browser, 1 for each.

A) The open tabs sync is a bit “hidden”, making it a bit confusing to use, sometimes making it look like the browser doesn’t have the feature. I actually like the top right arrow for “tab search”. I think it’s a great feature, especially for those people with 560 tabs open :stuck_out_tongue: - That said, I feel it would be much more useful and used overall if it had the open tabs sync right there plus the search AND the history.

I’m thinking it’s the same as it is now but have 2 tabs or “up to 3” with the other devices in the sync chain. Or have a 2nd tab, 1 for primary device and then able to “select” the other devices to show different tabs if necessary. So for example, I have my PC and my phone synced. I would like to have it right there on the tabs search arrow, isntead of having to go the menu, then history. It’s not much but it is still an extra step, somewhat “hidden” and having it all on the tabs part would make for a cohesive and condensed use of it. “Everything in one place”. It would be hard to miss/ignore and it would be much more visible that options in the menu (In fact, coming from Edge, this is one of the few things I hated the most - the menu clutter).

And then, the same for the Android version. Maybe put it in the 3 dots menu inside “tabs”.
Also on the Android side of things, I don’t know if this is possible because it might go against the core idea of the browser (regarding privacy and stuff), but having an autofill service with the saved username and passwords (especially if we ask Brave to suggest strong passwords) would do wonders when having to log in on other apps.

But my main one is to showcase better the tabs sync. It’s a great feature to have and it should be at the front imo. Thanks :smiley:

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