More wallets for BAT rewards

I would like to request Brave to have more options for wallets to verify with the Brave browser BAT rewards.
I’ve used Uphold ever since the rewards existed but due to circumstances related with the country (Indonesia) I live in Uphold won’t offer me any service anymore.
I’ve tried to use Gemini but they too do not cover my country. Not to mention that Gemini is halting withdrawals as I write this, so basically they seem to be in a mess with the current market situation.

I find it frustrating that the browser only offers 2 wallet options for the BAT rewards, not to mention that the browser is supposed to have an integrated wallet that unfortunately can’t be used for the rewards.

So again, I would like to request from Brave more wallet options. Please work on this possibility.

Yeah, I totally agree with it! I was just about to write the same post before I have seen this.
Using BAT to reward users for their attention is innovative and attracting, and it is truely a “Web3” way, but the way users claiming the rewards is to claim it in a CEX?? It should be at least allowing users to claim it in their self-custody wallet!

Adding a feature to claim rewards in self-cutody wallet is my main request.

This is more of a two way agreement. Don’t know if you know, but Brave is in talks with a third exchange. They say once integrated it’ll make everyone very happy.
In a community call they had said,
Having relations with a Custodian is more complex than users think. There are agreements to be done and agreed from both sides. Also Brave is always in search of new custodians, so if you want any particular exchanges to be a Custodian in rewards, you should write to them as well.

Yeah I’ll do some searching on custodians in Indonesia since all my other wallets are personal and not custodians.

So from my research, there are three custodial wallets exchanges in Indonesia:

  • Tokocrypto Wallet
  • Rekeningku Wallet
  • Pintu Wallet

Any of them are fine for me if Brave can partner with them.

I will write to them as well to consider a partnership with Brave but it would be good for Brave to contact them on their own side.

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