Request for Update On Brave Rewards

I want to Suggest that please allow users to use their Brave wallet so that BAT reward earned by them are directly transferred to Brave Wallet.
As if Brave Browser have their own wallet then why they are sending users to create Uphold and Gemini account. These Service provider are not working well for majority of users.

I request you to please add option so that we can transfer our BAT reward into the Brave Wallet itself.

Please see

It may yet be a possibility far in the future, but it doesn’t seem like anything that can even be considered here any time soon. As simple as it may sound to you, there’s a lot of things “behind the scenes” that would have to occur. For example Brave would need to get special licenses, they’d need to collect all of our personal information, they’d have to report all of our information to governments, and so much more. The amount of work that would be required to handle it all is too much. Not to mention it would be too much information in one place.

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