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I am a Brave user on every platform I have access to, Windows, Android and Fedora 33, but I don’t understand why I never received any ad for rewards program. It work with the same kind of setup elsewhere, behind a Nordvpn account, on Windows as well as on Android.

Do I need to activate something for ads to come on Fedora 33 ? Kept on searching but I must admit I’m clueless right now ^^’

My Brave is updated ( V1.16.76 Upgraded Chromium to 86.0.4240.198.)

Thank you in advance for your time.



Hello @Deny_Jackal

check this one

and have a nice day

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Thank you for your answer mate,

but the fact is my browser history is nearly the same on windows and linux, and I’m pretty sure there is something not working on my linux setup.
It maybe Fedora blocking notifications, or my vpn which might be with a slighty different setup because it’s on linux and not windows…

I mostly looking for someone with linux experience who could take a few minutes to help verify how my fedora is right now and if someone is blocking ads to pop :slight_smile:

you very welcome

i am using centos and it work fine so let us check the following
go to settings of your fedora then privacy then notification check if it enabled and also check the app that has permission there to show notifications

check that your region is set to your correct country

also try to disable vpn just to see if it block something

see if that help or not and have a nice day

Hey mate :slight_smile:

So I tried what you’ve been telling me :

  • Settings are good, notifications for Brave were enabled. Some of thos boxes were disabled, but none should have block the ads. I enabled them anyway, you never know !

  • I’m in France actually, and I know for sure the reward system is working fine here.

  • I’m running Brave with VPN off for a few days now. No ads have shown up during this time lapse.

  • I’ll have a nice day regardless if it works or not :slight_smile: Ads are running well on my phone, which is the device I use mostly throughout the day ! So no worries.

But still, cannot understand why it’s not working. At this point it is more for the fact that it should be working than anything else. I’m not waiting after BAT for a living ^^’

Hello @Deny_Jackal

could you try to start new profile go to menu then create a new profile then enable reward on the new profile and see if anything show up or not try while vpn on and off

maybe the issue in your old profile and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I’m also curious if this makes any difference/if you are still encountering this issue?


After one week with a new profile and VPN off, nothing yet.

So…I don’t know. That’s kind of incredible :o

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