Brave Reward Ads Issue in Fedora

I have seen a couple of people on this forum that are experiencing issues with seeing ads notification in Fedora. I use Fedora 34 with Gnome version 40.1.0 and Wayland as my windowing system.

The ads notification do not show up in Fedora 34. I saw people giving up on this issue because they thought it is a country problem or other problems that are mentioned here. However, this problem seems to be Fedora specific and not of the type of causes that are listed in Brave’s “common reasons for not seeing ads” table.

How do I know this problem is not location specific? Because I am located in North America and when I use Brave on my Ubuntu device I have no problem seeing ads notification.

How can this issue be reproduced?
You can reproduce this issue by:

  1. Installing Fedora 34 in virtualbox or if you have a spare computer around by all means.
  2. Install Brave browser.
  3. Enable Brave rewards.

The expected results are that you will not see ads popping. The Brave version I tested on was 1.25.73.

After doing some research across other forums, the problem seems to be arising from Gnome under Wayland. It is possible that Brave developers have not implemented proper support for Wayland.

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