February 15 (Issue # 3: Missing referral downloads from Creators dashboard)

Hi, brave team. You promised to fix the bug on February 15 (Issue # 3: Missing referral downloads from Creators dashboard).
Here is the 15th, here I am, here is my office - nothing has changed. I will say right away that such drawdowns in reality could not happen, and all this problem is artificial. During this error, I had an advertisement in 4 groups on social networks (including mine, where 72k subscribers). I have been promoting the browser since May 2019. And for all this time I have never used cheats and bots. All my promotions are honest, I did not use the word Brave in my promotion as a key, and did not profit from the name. I have records for 30k views, videos for 3-4-5-7 views. Despite the fact that the key rate for my country fell from 5 to 2, I only got more. I scaled the process and take the matter seriously. And I am saddened by such situations when the office turns off for half a month or I just do not get downloads and installations, as it is now.
I sent a support letter with my problem a month ago, and unsubscribed several times in the chat.
Also, taking this opportunity, I want to say that the statistics in the office have become worse. Previously, it was possible to track each accrued coin, on what day and how much. And now you only have dry statistics for the month, where you can’t track the accrual of rewards. And for the year of promotion, the schedule became very uncomfortable, it is difficult for me to hover over the selected day. instead of 1 it shows 3-4. Everything is very small.
All this leads to unpleasant thoughts that I drive away. But the precipitate remains … I hope this little problem is resolved and we will continue to cooperate.
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Same problem here. So annoyed

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I have exactly the same problem. I hope the administration will describe what the problem is.

The administration has already unsubscribed and assured that by February 15 everything will be decided. As you can see, the time has come, but there is no establishment.

Please continue the discussion in the thread linked above.