Missing Downloads/Installs from My Promotion

Hi Guys, i believe there is a bug with my referral codes…My recent promotions had 0 impact which is impossible considering how big the number of views is and since i did nice integrations. Usually i get minimum 200,300 downloads from 1 intro, now i got 0 from 2 integrations.

Here are the Videos in which i promoted Brave recently:

Please let me know how we can solve this, if you can retrieve data, because my Dashboard doesnt show anything from those dates.


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Hello @onel4play. There are to many claims about lack of data at the dashboard of the publisher/creator account. The team is investigating. Me myself have problems too with those data. Hope that everything will be clear soon. :slight_smile:

Hi @onel4play - can you share a screenshot of your dashboard? We pushed a fix on Saturday - what are the latest stats that are showing as incorrect?

Hi @steeven. Sorry the intrusion. I have exact the same situation. No changes are made:

  1. Had the BAT for my two confirmations but not the confirmation at the table of “Referrals Promo Stats”.
  2. Again lack of data at “Referral Promo Stats” (no registering of two downloads/installs).
  3. Lack of data at graphics (see screenshot - only part of lack of data).

I dont know what fix you guys pushed on Saturday, but i have 0 downloads/installs from 4th March which is impossible, since i had many people confirm on my community tab that they installed and are using Brave. They actually enjoy it. I was expecting hundreds of downalods considering videos got over 80.000 views in total, but worst case scenario at least 100 downlods from the intros…now i have a big fat 0

Here is the graph for said referrall.

Hi @onel4play and @rolak - it looks like the fix is still being worked on. Please see this post A quick note concerning referral stats not updating.


Can you give us an update on the current state of the tracking? I believe i received some installs, but it still feels a bit off, since my downloads are back to 0 for last 5 days, in which i posted 2 more integrations that did each 30.000+ views.

Hi @onel4play - this issue (A quick note concerning referral stats not updating) is still pending and being worked on by the team.

Appreciate you patience. Remember that there is NO DATA LOSS, and that it will reflect your true #'s once the fix is in.

Thank you!

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