Features related to web search in Android® browser

Alright… I shall try to keep this short, in spite of my ‘very terrible’ habit:
Why’s there’s no basic functionality of getting to web-search a highlighted/selected line-of-text, whether in the same tab or new? The text-selection toolbar of the browser that shows up is devoid of that option altogether. Similarly, even the search-keywords in address-bar don’t stay up for any of the search-engines once the page finishes loading, what’s up with that?

These 2 are pretty-bare features.

And it’s pretty gobsmacking that when every single mass-release mobile browser has had those basic features since like, eons — Brave® for Android® has failed up catch-up so far. This is preventing folks from reliably switching to the browser, like me. On a not-so-unrelated note, there’s an extraneous “Experimental” Night Mode in addition to “Dark Mode” and if I weren’t a techie, I wouldn’t have known how to set full dark-mode instead of manually switching at least half of the functionality on and off every single time.