Brave Android essentials

Link to highlight (Google) - it saves time by showing (jumping straight into) the highlighted content in a web page.

Simplified view for webpages (Reader mode) - turn on/off option.

Duplicate tab - provide an option for duplicating a tab.

Adding favorites on home page (speed dials as in opera).

Name group tab - it helps to be more organised and find tabs easily.

Open pdf without downloading (as in Opera).

Forward and Backward page :arrow_left::arrow_right: option (as in Opera).

Night mode - on/off option (as in Opera).

Integrate Chat GPT (as in Microsoft bing and Opera).

Resolve the issue of Search bar getting cleared when app is switched while typing.

Won’t happen. Brave actually has their own AI. It’s currently on Desktop in Nightly and I’m sure will eventually get to all devices.

This is in iOS version. I’m assuming may eventually find its way to Android (Though it’s in the hamburger menu, not a button on the browser)

Think that’s the same way. The button exists on iOS but not anywhere on Android. I was testing and thinking it existed, but it’s just the little pop-up asking if you want to view in simplified. So yeah ,I see that as something they should try to get out.

This has been promised. Again, this is something that exists on iOS but not yet Android. I might have to check if we can get any further updates on this.

This does already exist on Brave, though not the format you may want. The back button uses your devices back arrow to go back a page. The forward arrow and refresh icon are in your hamburger menu (the three dots).

I forgot this was even a thing. And same as I’ve said in others, iOS version of Brave does this. I’m assuming might eventually make its way to Android.

This already exists, assuming you mean to have the ability to name your group tabs.

I hadn’t messed with it and was going to say low priority, but I do see that this is yet another option available on iOS and Desktop, but not yet on Android.

Can you detail this a bit more on what you mean? I am reading this in a few possible meanings. If you mean clicking on a search result and it takes you to the summarized portion, that’s more of a request for the search engine than it is for Android, I do believe. Unless you have particular examples where it works as you’re speaking on other devices but just not on Android.

Anyway, I’ll see if I can’t relay some of this back to the Mobile team and see overall thoughts on it.

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Nice feature. Waiting for the stable version😯