I just found the saddest place in the community

It’s New Feature Feedback tag android

Using Brave Browser on Android as I only own Android devices I like to ask if there will be any features at all on Android? Brave let’s me know daily on the Android Browser to try Brave News or Play list , to sign up for search premium to support the project and enjoy premium features. . I’m using Brave about a year now and when Search was launched it was the only highlight last year. Finally being able to sync across android devices wasn’t a highlight it was necessary. To be able to switch between 3 different widgets is not really a customize homepage feature. Did Brave forgot about Android or what happened? I hope not. At least stop telling Android users to try out the great toys they can’t have. It reminds me of my childhood in East Germany. Our TV was able to get a strong signal of West Germany channels. I could watch the toys of the other kids.but never own.

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I really don’t understand what do you mean with your message. :thinking: